Baby Tom And Daddy Bath Time


Help Tom the cat give his son a bath



Baby Tom And Daddy Bath Time is a fun kids' game for little ones to entertain themselves helping the famous cat Tom give his kitten son a bath. Its gameplay is designed to let kids play alone without adult help. They can spend hours enjoying the best moment of the day for Tom's little cat family.

In this app your kids or grandkids can learn to take their own baths with no help by following the step-by-step guidance in the game. They'll discover that the first step is to fill the tub before opening the different bottles of bath supplies. Once they've got everything on hand they can use body gel and shampoo to make sure the kitten comes out of the bathtub squeaky clean. As they have to follow the steps in the order Tom explains, they're sure to learn the process to use during their own bath time.

In addition, each of the items used has an animation to keep your little folks entertained. If they put body gel on the kitten they can see how the tub fills with bubbles the same color as the bottle, which makes playing with the different colors lots of fun. Plus, like in any good bath, they'll have toys to play with, too, plus balls, dolphins, and other animals.

Once you finish bathing the kitten it's time to help Tom dry him and then you're done – though there's no rush. You can spend as much time playing in the bath as you like, trying out all the different bath products alongside the tub. If you want to start over, tap the start button and you'll go out to the main screen. Once there you can head back into the bath and start washing Tom's cute baby all over again.